Turmeric Processing

Production Process

The company follows following  process. It is the standard turmeric processing procedure according to company.

  • Purchasing
  • Assembling
  • Sorting and Grading.
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Powder Process
  • Screening Process
  • Packing


Turmeric fingers is  usually brought from local market.  Some times is purchase from outside Sangli. Purchased from Nanded, Nizamabad etc.as per the price parity. In the market there are different types of turmeric finger, such as Rajapuri and Selam (Better quality), Cuddappah (Japan i.e., lemon yellow quality), Nizam Quality etc.

Assembling, Sorting, Cleaning and Grading.

After buying the raw material company makes the complete material at factory.

After manufacturing the raw material, the company has uses two types of cleaning processes one is manually (by hand) process and another is, by using sizing machinery. The machine sorts the resources as per dimension and cleanses the turmeric.


There is a separate department for polishing the turmeric fingers. Using this way all turmeric fingers are preserved in one drum as a result it is rolled 5 to 6 hours unceasingly. Therefore due to rolling process fingers are rubbing each other and get shinning and ash free. The capacity of one drum is 11 quintal.

Powder Process ( Grinding )

Once the polishing of the material is done. Further it is send for powder process. Machines are setup to carry out this process. These machines are called PRVOLISERS. The capacity of production is 8 tons within 20 hours in day

Screening Process

The powder is processed from screening. So it is completely free from small stones, sticks, iron etc.

Powder Storage and Packing

Keeping powder in tanks then packing in different size, as per the customer requirements like 10kg bags, 25 kg bags as well as 50kg bags etc. Usually plastic bags and jute bags are using for stuffing the turmeric powder.