Turmeric Sources

Turmeric, an herbaceous shrub, comes from rhizome family, though facts about turmeric sources are not perfect. Therefore it is broadly thought that turmeric locates its roots in South East Asia or South Asia where it is still produced widely. A linked species of turmeric , C. xanthorrhiza produces in Java, Indonesia , where it is recognized as the temu lawak. This species is alike in taste to C.domestica.

In India, it has been in usage since time immemorial holding a very significant place amongst the spices of India for its shown therapeutic properties. Its bright, fast yellow colour made it a significant dyeing agent in the olden times and it is once again gaining popularity as a vegetable dye in today’s cultural apparel industry.

Turmeric powder is considered lucky in many religious rituals in Hindu families. Turmeric sources is frequently used in beauty creams for its antibiotic properties. It is also very usually used as household medicine for minor cuts and wounds.

The yellow pigmented portion Curcumin is isolated from the rhizomes of curcuma longa rhizomes are also used for varied medicinal / food purposes.

Turmeric is linked to ginger and the ways by which ginger oleoresin is acquired might be put on to turmeric. The curcumin and the volatile-oil being together extracted by the similar volatile-solvent.