Standard Practices

Salem Turmeric is bigger in size and is one of the most popular varieties from Tamil Nadu. Selling at a premium in the markets, its bright yellow colour makes it a truly distinct variety..

Shri A Thangavelu is a progressive farmer who produces turmeric every year on his farmhouse. In addition to owning 3 acres of fertile farmland, he also spearheads the activities of more than 20 horticultural self help groups. He traditionally grows the Eraiyur variety of turmeric rhizome.

His experience of turmeric farming has been thus

  • The land for turmeric was ploughed 4-6 times
  • 6 tonnes of FYM from his own farm was mixed with the soil before the last ploughing
  • Ridges and furrows were formed at a spacing of 45 cm * 25 cm
  • 800 kg seed rhizomes, from the previous season was planted across the field
  • Both turmeric bulbs and fingers were planted
  • The proportion of finger rhizomes was more since bulbous rhizomes carry more vigour and fingers carry more germinating buds
  • Turmeric rhizome were treated with Bavistin @ kg per acre
  • Rhizomes for 1 acre were dipped in pseudomonas solution (1kg pseudomonas in 50 l water) for 10 minutes before planting
  • Planting was done in the first week of June
  • Germination occurred in 30-40 days
  • Weedicide Pendimethlin was sprayed on the land on the 3rd day after planting to control weeds
  • Hand weeding was done at 40 day intervals after 120 days of planting
  • Top dressing of 50 kg neem cake, 50 kg DAP, 50 kg urea, 200 kg potash was given after 120 days
  • The field was irrigated at 10 day intervals up to a period of 4 months
  • The field was irrigated a total of 15 rounds
  • Chilli was grown as a border crop and this prevented pests, giving an additional income of Rs 1500
  • Although the threats of thrips and borer are prone to infest turmeric, Thangavelu left the field to Natures course
  • The plants were cut in the last week of January at the base level
  • The fingers and bulbs were separated, boiled separately in potable water in traditional troughs
  • The turmeric was dried for 15 days