Turmeric Medicinal Uses

Medicinal Uses

From many years awareness of turmeric medicinal uses continuously increasing. Turmeric medicinal uses  is consider as a digestive bitter.

  1. Relieves flatulence
  2. Useful in controlling periodic attacks of hysteria and convulsions
  3. An effective internal antiseptic (when mixed with buttermilk or water ) to cure chronic intestinal problems and diarrhoea
  4. 20 drops of raw turmeric juice mixed with a pinch of salt taken in an empty stomach dispels germs
  5. 1 teaspoon of raw turmeric juice mixed with honey cures anaemia
  6. Turmeric roots dried in the sun and crushed fine, integrated with honey and bitter gourd leaves comforts the pain of measles
  7. Turmeric powder mixed in milk is effective in curing bronchial asthma. While integrated with teaspoon warm water, it also avoids an asthma attack
  8. tsp turmeric mixed with 30 ml warm milk cures cough and cold
  9. Turmeric paste integrated with lime and salt can relieve the pain of wrenched joints
  10. Raw turmeric juice is effective against skin disorders including eczema, ringworm and scabies
  11. Turmeric powder, rubbed on stone on the chest can relieve chest pain
  12. Roasted ground turmeric, massaged into the gums relieves aching teeth
  13. 5 gms turmeric powder,2 dried guava leaves,2 cloves and 200 gms water can be useful as mouth gargle and prevents dental pain
  14. Mixed turmeric powder and lime over insect bitten body parts removes the toxic effect
Turmeric fights cancer –

Turmeric medicinal useful as a antioxidant properties. It helps containing the free radicals which can damage our cellular DNA if left free to roam. This antioxidant guard is also even more obvious inside the colon. And there we see a fast cell turnover, mainly more or less every three days. Mutated cancer cells are annihilated which prevents them from spreading to other parts of the body. From a study analysis on mice at the University of Texas, outcomes have led researchers to believe that curcumin enables the body to keep under control the transcript factors within genes which are required for tumors to emerge. The transcript factors may be seen as a main switch.

Turmeric fights inflammation –

Different studies have reveal that curcumin’s anti-inflammatory effects are minimum on par with certain prescription drugs or over-the-counter ones such as Motrin. The chief alteration to consider is that curcumin doesn’t leave toxic products in the body.  Mice that were fed curcumin all apparently had decreased signs of the following: Mucosal ulceration, thickening of the intestinal walls or the emergence of inflammatory groups. Researchers aren’t certain how this procedure happens. But they suspect curcumin hinders the activity of a cellular inflammatory component named NF kappa-B.

Cystic fibrosis is a life threatening illness in which the lungs are attack with mucus. Thus inhibiting the mechanism through which nutrients are helping in digesting. Researchers have observed that the mucus matures because of an unusually shaped protein as well as itself being the end result of a defective gene.